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FENSTANTON PARISH COUNCIL Police Report update for 11-1-18

Posted: 24/01/2018

28 November 4 December 2017

London Road, St Ives Police are investigating a road rage incident that happened near the roundabout on London Road, St Ives, at midday on Sunday 26th November, in which a motor-cyclist is alleged to have kicked the door of a silver Ford car, causing a dent the size of a boot in the panel. (Ref CF0684951117)

Apple Tree Close, Fenstanton A house on Apple Tree Close, Fenstanton, was entered and burgled on Sunday 26th November at some time between 10:00 am and 10:00 pm whilst the owners were out. The house was locked and secure when it was left, but the owners returned in the evening to find both the front door and rear French doors unlocked, and that thieves had stolen items of jewellery and personal documents. House-to-house enquiries are underway and the investigation is continuing. (Ref CF0686101117)

Low Road, Fenstanton Thieves removed and stole the front and back number plates from a VW van left parked on the forecourt of a garage on Low Road, Fenstanton, at some time between Saturday afternoon, 25th, and Monday morning, 27th November. No other damage was caused to the van. (Ref CF0686381117)

A14 Eastbound Fenstanton Police were called to a collision between a car and a van on the eastbound A14 at 8:45 am on Monday 27th November. Slight injuries to the occupants of one vehicle were recorded, but recovery services were not required. (Ref CC-27112017-0073)

Low Road, Fenstanton Thieves cut down part of a boundary hedge on Low Road, Fenstanton, in order to drive into a field and steal a car trailer, at some time overnight on Tuesday 28th / Wednesday 29th November. At the moment no-one has come forward with any information regarding the crime. (Ref CF0690681117)

A14 Fenstanton Thieves cut through the side-curtain of a lorry trailer whilst it was parked up for the night in a layby on the A14 at Fenstanton on Thursday 30th November / Friday 1st December and stole over 20 cartons of goods from inside. The police investigation is on hold pending the receipt of any information regarding the crime. (Ref CF0696201217)

5 - 12 December 2017

Greenfields, St Ives There was an attempted break-in at a house on Greenfields, St Ives, at some time between Wednesday 5th and Friday 8th December. Intruders attempted to force open the front door using a tool such as a crowbar, but fortunately the door remained intact and no entry was made into the house. Police have made enquiries at neighbouring properties but no one has reported noticing anything suspicious. (Ref CF0711441217)

Chequers Close, Fenstanton Thieves unscrewed and stole the front and rear number plates from a Mercedes van, left parked on the verge near its owners house on Chequers Close, Fenstanton, at some time between Friday 8th and Sunday 10th December. (Ref CF0716231217)

13 - 18 December 2017

Low Road, Fenstanton Police received a report of a road rage incident that happened on Low Road, Fenstanton, on Wednesday night, 13th December. It is alleged that a white van overtook the victim at speed at the point where the speed limit s to 30 mph, then stopped in front of him when flashed. After making a verbal threat, the van driver backed into the front of the victims car, causing damage to its bumper, before driving off. (Ref CF0721941217)

Fenstanton Road, Hilton Police were called to a collision between a car and a Land-Rover on Fenstanton Road, Hilton, on Saturday afternoon, 16th December. One person was slightly hurt and required an ambulance, and both vehicles had to be towed away. (Ref CC-16122017-0255)

London Road, St Ives There was a break-in at a house in a development off London Road, St Ives, at some time between Friday 15th and Monday afternoon 18th December, whilst the owner was absent. Intruders broke in by smashing the glass in doors at the back, but although a bedroom door was also forced, it is not thought that anything was stolen. (Ref CC-18122017-0291)

A14 Fenstanton Police were called to an incident on the A14 near Fenstanton on Monday afternoon, 18th December, in which a white van had collided with the central reservation barrier. Fortunately, no-one was hurt and the driver's insurance company arranged for the van to be towed away. (Ref CC-18122017-0272)

Chequers Close, Fenstanton Someone damaged a car left parked outside its owner's house on Chequers Close on Monday evening, 18th December. The offender broke off one of the wing mirrors and damaged a headlight, presumably by kicking it. (Ref CF0731141217)

19 - 25 December 2017

Westbound A14, Fenstanton Police received several calls reporting a van and trailer on their sides in a ditch and a car crashed into a field beside the westbound A14 at Fenstanton just after 7:00 am on Tuesday 19th December. Fire and ambulance crews were called but fortunately no-one was trapped or injured and recovery services removed the damaged vehicles from the scene. (Ref CC-19122017-0046)

26 December 2017 - 2 January 2018

Low Road, Fenstanton Police were called to Low Road, Fenstanton, at 11:30 am on Christmas Day, Monday 25 December, following reports that a cyclist had come off his bicycle and was lying injured in the road. An ambulance was called but until it arrived the man could not be moved and needed to be protected from passing traffic. (Ref CC-25122017-0149)

Low Road, Fenstanton Police received a call reporting flooding on Low Road, Fenstanton, due to heavy rain and water coming in from the fields, on Thursday evening, 28 December. The concern was that the water would freeze and pose a hazard to unsuspecting drivers. Police arranged for temporary warning notices to be put out until the Highways Authority could put proper signs in place. (Ref CC-28122017-0444)

Headlands, Fenstanton Police were called to Headlands, Fenstanton, at 10:30 pm on New Year's Eve, Sunday 31 December, following a report of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage by a group of young people. One of the group had kicked the front door of a house, damaging the letter-box, and a bollard had been thrown at a window, fortunately not causing any damage. A police patrol was dispatched and the area was searched but the group could not be found. Police enquiries are continuing. (Ref CF0753341217)



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