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So who thought Scouts was boring, then?

Posted: 09/08/2005

Scouts and Leaders from the 1st Fenstanton and Hilton Scout Group are taking part in Eurojam, the largest gathering of Scouts from around the world in the last 10 years.

As well as having plenty of fun and adventure, taking part in new experiences and making new friends from around the world the Scouts have taken part in a community project. They have spent a day working at a centre for older adults with learning difficulties, to start to create a sensory garden that will be completed by other teams, and be of lasting benefit to the local community.

Sunday saw them take part in the Gilwell Adventure, at the national headquarters of Scouting at Gilwell Park.

This weekend Fenstanton and Hilton Scouts invited Scouts from Japan and Portugal to join them for an evening meal - an opportunity to get to know some of their new friends even better.

The opening ceremony was amazing and included the song "Hope for You and Me", written by Clive Stainton. This focussed on the fact that, despite the terrible things that happen in the world, the 28 million people who take part in Scouting around the world continue to work together to make a difference.Proceeds from the sale of the single will go to help Scouts in South Africa.

More than 10,000 Scouts and Guides from 57 countries are taking part in 12 days of adventure! They are showing young people can share experiences and friendships together - regardless of their background. They are showing the world they can live and work together in peace. Eurojam began Friday 29 July at Hylands Park, a 900 acre site of green rolling parkland near Chelmsford, Essex.

EuroJam is the first time Chief Scout, Peter Duncan, has attended such a large gathering of Scouts from across the world, and he made a dramatic entrance by abseiling in to the huge opening ceremony. He enthused: “Being a Scout is all about adventure.
Those young people who take part in EuroJam will have the time of their lives. They will be trying out a whole range of different activities, high impact adventurous challenges, taking part in community service projects and meeting other Scouts from countries they have never even heard of! In these times of increased tension, Scouting offers hope and shows young people they can enjoy, and share, common experiences together to make the world a better place.”

Meeting people they would never get the chance to meet normally, they will have plenty of fun while building friendships that will last a lifetime.

The camp comprises of five key areas.

The Splash! Programme is an off site activity themed around water and including activities such as raft- building, water slides, canoeing and learning about the science of water.

The Energise Zone is where Scouts can sharpen their general camping skills, chill out for a few hours and even take part in meditation and yoga sessions to relax after a fun-packed schedule.

A Global Development Village to help Scouts understand the positive impact they can have on the world where they will learn about global issues,including how communications technology is bringing the world closer together.

A Faith and Beliefs Zone enabling participants to explore and discover information about different faiths around the world.

Euroville offering participants the opportunity to experience and value the culture, creativity, arts, sports and technology from every country in Europe.

The Starburst Project gives all 10,000 participants the chance to work out in the local community to ensure EuroJam leaves a lasting and positive legacy on its local environment.

Editor’s notes
• Scouting in the UK has nearly 500,000 Members
• Scouting is the largest co-educational youth Movement in the United Kingdom
• Over 100,000 adults do voluntary work as Leaders in the Scout Movement
• Adults working in Scouting contribute in excess of 364 million hours of voluntary work each year to their local communities
• Scouting is the largest Membership organisation in the world working for peace
• Worldwide Scouting has 28 million members, both male and female, and operates in nearly every county in the world
• Every four years a Jamboree is held somewhere around the world. 2007 will mark Scouting’s Centenary Year with the largest World Scout Jamboree ever, to take place in the UK at Hylands Park, where EuroJam is taking place today.

For further details please visit the or contact Louise Clover (Chairman - 1st Fenstanton and Hilton) on 01223 718745 (work) or 01480 831715 (home).

Visits to Eurojam / interviews can be arranged with our adults and Scouts at Eurojam.


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