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eCops - Village Police Report 02/02/2010

Posted: 03/02/2010

On Monday 25th January 2010, there was a report of a suspicious vehicle, a blue transit van driving slowly up and down MANOR DRIVE, FENSTANTON. There were two male occupants within the vehicle, it appeared that both male occupants were trying to look into properties and gardens.

Please be aware of this vehicle and any other suspicious vehicles within your street.

If you suspect there to be persons/vehicles acting suspicious then please report this to Police immediately on 0345 456 456 4. The information reported is always greatly appreciated.

On Friday 29th January 2010, there was a burglary in SWAN GARDENS, FENSTANTON.

Unknown offender/s have accessed the rear of the property and have gained entry via the rear dining room window, whereby offender/s have stolen a quantity of jewellery.

Upon conducting house to house enquiries by PCSO's another property situated in SWAN GARDENS was checked, due to residents concerns. It was apparent that there had been an attempt made on this property also. The rear dining room window was smashed and window bent back slightly, however no entry was gained to the property, which suggested that the offender/s had been disturbed. The security light that was installed in the garden had also been dismantled.

House to House enquiries from neighbours revealed that smashing noises were heard on two different occasions and of varying times.

Another enquiry revealed that two days prior to these incidents ( Wednesday 27th January 2010 ) Two males were found in a residents garden, when they were questioned as to their activity, the two males stated that they had seen a motorbike in the garden and wanted to know whether it was for sale, however the motorbike that was situated in the garden could not of been seen from the roadside without accessing the garden itself first. Unfortunately this incident was not called into Police.

The description given of the males were, 1st male White male, aged approx 18 - 25 years, chubby, short dark hair, wearing blue jeans and a jacket.

2nd Male White male, aged 18 - 25yrs, lanky but NOT tall, his face was described as thin and elongated.He was also wearing blue jeans.

Between the dates of Thursday 28th January 2010 and Saturday 30th January 2010 Unknown offender/s have entered the rear garden of a property in the HIGH STREET, FENSTANTON and gained access to the shed which is of a large size, at the bottom of the garden, by using some type of crow bar instrument to force the lock causing damage to the door. The shed has been entered and a thorough and untidy search has taken place, with drawers left open. A Stihil chainsaw has been removed from the location.

DVLA have been active within the St Ives area. Following reports of 2 untaxed vehicles, DVLA have attended and clamps have been placed on the vehicles.

If you are a dog owner/ dog walker please be mindful and respectful whilst taking dogs for walks and remembering to clear and deposit any dog mess your dog may have left behind. We are all aware of the potential health issues regarding this. As stated above please be respectful of others and your village.


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