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A14 - Questionnaire confusion

Posted: 18/01/2007

Several parishioners in Fenstanton have commented on some confusion relating to Question 10 in the questionnaire and the Highways Agency was asked to clarify their intended interpretation of the results from this particular point.

It was explained that the problem lies with the 'last choice' tick-box and that within Fenstanton there is a specific objection to 'Blue Variation 2' but there appears to be no option to _positively_ indicate this not acceptable.

Whilst it is appreciated there is a facility for commenting elsewhere, there are concerns that if the 'last choice' box is ticked, it implies [albeit pedantically] that a "choice" has been made, suggesting acceptability.

The Highways Agency responded very quickly stating

"We prepared the questionnaire to try and gain as much public feedback as possible to help us to make a decision on which option to recommend we should take forward. We considered that asking people to indicate their least preferred choice would provide valuable information to help reach this decision.

As you say, there is a facility for people to make any further comment that they wish and I suggest that any comments regarding route options that are completely unacceptable can be made here. Our analysis of any questionnaires reinforced in this way will be treated as a rejection of that option."

So when you get to Question 10:

- Tick the box for Blue Variation 2 as "Last Choice"
- Tick the box for Blue Variation 1 + 2 as "Last Choice"
- AND write in the box below stating clearly that you OBJECT to Blue Variation 2


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