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A14 Upgrade is DISASTROUS for Fenstanton!

Posted: 07/12/2006

Yet again we are in turmoil because of a major issue which will have a permanent and horrendous effect on the village. I refer to the A14 Ellington to Fen Ditton Upgrade.

You will be aware that originally the Highways Agency had decided upon a route which served Fenstanton extremely well, by moving the new highway AWAY from the village, thus significantly reducing the noise and air pollution, and traffic volume on the existing part of the A14. However, due to near-vexatious litigation, the Offords A14 Action Group secured an injunction in the High Court, forcing the Highways Agency to engage the Public in an unnecessary consultation process, thus delaying the upgrade even more, increasing costs, possibly more lives to be lost etc.

This means that we, 'the Public' are invited to consider and comment on the 6 route options "back on the table".

One route which the Highways Agency had previously dismissed as inappropriate is BLUE ROUTE OPTION 2.

This disastrous option

- will bring 8 lanes [including 2 hard shoulders and central reservation] THROUGH the centre of the village.

- cause at least 5 homes to be destroyed along with farms and farm buildings.

- create a large overhead roundabout at Galley Hill, which will significantly raise the levels of air & especially noise pollution.

- requires the westbound exit at Connington landfill site to be closed. This means the only access to the village is eastbound and all drivers approaching from the Cambridge direction will have to drive up to the new overhead roundabout at Galley Hill, go around 180 and REJOIN the A14 to travel East to exit at the current Dairy slip road.

- will significantly increase the levels of noise and air pollution which will affect everyone, not just those situated near to the carriage way.

- will make Fenstanton a less attractive place to live, with obvious consequences to local residents and businesses.

- worst of all, this is THE CHEAPEST OPTION!


1] You will have received a booklet from the Highways Agency detailing the options. Unfortunately the maps are very small and the fine detail is difficult to see clearly. However there will be an exhibition at the Church Centre, Church Lane, Fenstanton on Friday 12th January 2007 from 12 noon to 8pm.

I urge you to go and see the large scale drawings for yourself, and ask questions. These are available online at
www.a14.org.uk a website that has been specifically set-up for Fenstanton residents to voice their views and "share their pleasure".

2] Complete the Questionnaire on the last page of the Highways Agency booklet & post it.

3] Write to our MP, Jonathon Djanogly, MP and ask him to support us.
contact details

4] Write to our County Councillor, Cllr Ian Bates and ask him to confirm his support for _Fenstanton_.
contact details

5] Write to our District Councillor, Cllr Jean Chandler and ask her to fight for our corner of Huntingdonshire
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Join the Fenstanton parish mailing list! This is solely for the purpose of "keeping you in the loop". Whilst there are several other options for communicating with residents, email is the quickest way of spreading information and news at a minimum of inconvenience to yourself. You can also send an email at any time to be removed from the list.

As well as keeping you informed, who else do you know in the village with an email address?

Would you either

- please add their email address and they will be contacted, or

- if you prefer - will you please contact them, asking that they get in touch with us?

Remember, however unlikely you think the adoption of Blue Route Option 2 may be, NO ACTION WILL SEND OUT THE WRONG MESSAGE!

Thank you for reading this!



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