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Fenstanton is effectively closed to incoming traffic....

Posted: 01/09/2019

.... unless you want a 30 minute 16 mile detour.

Triio, the contractor conducting the work along the Low Road sent out a team to open the Low Road, despite being stood down for the weekend. This excellent result was subsequently totally ruined by the individual from MLP who took it upon himself to reinstate the barriers some 5 or so hours later.

Thanks to the man's inflexibility and refusal to reverse the flow along the Low Roan IN to the village, we now have an idiotic detour which is totally unwarranted.

Please do contact MLP Traffic Limited if you are affected today and enquire as to their reason for not simply reversing the flow.


01953 688 211

[email protected]

[email protected]

Let them know exactly what their inflexible Incompetent's stupidity has created.

There will hopefully be questions as to why the Low Road low-priority work had to start and coincide with the weekend closure of both the A14 AND Potton Road to Hilton. Also why it was decided the flow of traffic should be OUT of the village especially as we already have Behagg Way which allows a one-way exit.

These matters should be addressed to Cambridgeshire County Council Highways for they will have granted the permissions to effect the Low Road and Potton Road.

Contact our County Councillor Ian Bates



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