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Inconsiderate drivers - Fenstanton residents have had enough!

Posted: 01/12/2017

Can anyone identify the drivers of the following cars, please?

KF52 FHM - grey Citroen
HE03 ORD - Blue Vauxhall

The list is not complete, for there are others. Some are believed to come from St Ives

For too long now these lads have been driving aimlessly around Fenstanton in the evenings and sometimes the early hours, especially in and out of the Chequer Street Car park, revving their engines, skidding along the road.

Most have illegal exhausts fitted which make an excessive and unnecessary amount of noise, especially when driven aggressively. It might impress the drivers but not the residents of Fenstanton. Also, are their insurers aware the vehicles have been modified, because if not, they are uninsured?

On Tuesday night 28 Nov 2017, at 10:26, KF52 FHM actually switched his lights OFF intentionally and drove at great speed along Chequer St, in 1st gear with much slipping.

To be fair they don't make much noise when parked up but if they must use the area as a playground, it would be nice to consider the residents nearby, who don't like their sleep disturbed!

If anyone knows these drivers perhaps they can have "a word" and ask them to drive quietly or go somewhere else, alternatively contact via email [email protected] if they know contact details like home addresses, mobile numbers or employers. etc.

Hopefully these lads will realise the only way to get on in life is to be considerate to others!


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