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Do you know this car? Dangerous driving and damage in High Street.

Posted: 08/11/2017

On Tuesday 7th November at 07:10 this car was careering along the centre of the High Street and hit the oncoming car whose dashcam recorded the image below.

The driver failed to stop despite causing criminal damage to the car and itself. The car is an unusual white Peugeot RCZ and is now missing the drivers wing mirror, which was retrieved from the scene by witnesses and now in the possession of the owner of vehicle that sustained the main damage.

This particular vehicle is unusual because it has WHITE wing mirrors as opposed to the usual standard black - it now has only one.

It is possible that the driver failed to stop because they were either on the phone [unlikely] or under the influence of drug and/or alcohol. Irrespective, there is no excuse for driving at excessive speed in the middle of the road, where there were no parked cars - right outside our busy village nursery.

Whilst the Police are involved, the owner of the damaged vehicle needs the driver to make contact.

If anyone has any information they can contact us in confidence if preferred and we will pass it on to the damaged party

Rogue Peugeot RCZ driver in Fenstanton

Is this Peugeot RCZ driver in Fenstanton under the influence of drugs or alcohol?


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