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Low Road closure - extended from 3 to 8 weeks

Posted: 02/05/2017

Cambridgeshire County Council have released the following statement:


We have encountered several issues with our scheme to replace Turnpike Bridge and Low Road, Fenstanton meaning there will be a large delay in completing our works during the previously stated period (25th June 2017).

The reasons for the delays are as follows

- The main delay is the discovery of an unmapped redundant asbestos water pipe encased in concrete in line with our proposed piling location, which resulted in stand down while this was laboratory tested and then reported to the HSE (Who also require 14 day stand down). We are programming asbestos specialists to come and remove the pipe so work can safely recommence

- Multiple unforeseen obstructions within the bridge footprint itself including the original brickwork abutments buried in the ground meaning we have to dig these out, further extending our groundworks period.

- Our subcontractor€™s piling drill snapping at the bottom of a 15m borehole meaning a small redesign of the piling location was required.

Therefore, to complete the scheme and to minimise further delays, from the 24th April 2017 we are proposing to fully close the junction for 8 weeks as opposed to the original 3 week closure. This will enable us to fully construct both abutments and deck of Turnpike Bridge as well as complete the replacement works for Low Road Culvert. This will also allow the main body of our works to be completed by the 25th June 2017.



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