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So many experts to solve A14 problems

Posted: 26/11/2014

How fortunate we are in Huntingdon to have such a flock of amateur civil engineers, each with a solution to the A14, incisive and blindingly obvious once our blinkers have been removed.

How foolish of the Highways Agency to have wasted so much time and treasure repeatedly consulting the public, local authorities, transporters, commuters and engaging consultants and designers who have actually built something before.

Why not just ask for a couple of letters to the local newspaper? Problem solved.

After all we do want an affordable, practical, durable solution, so might settle for the ideas of a misunderstood genius putting cars on trains or tunnelling through landfill sites or growing wings to fly over crumbling bridges.

After all, anything is better than the present suggestions which, I have now been persuaded, aim to poison the greatest number of people in the shortest possible time.

Suggestions now invited for the Middle East, the West Lothian problem and landing men on Mars.

Frank Brewer
Chequer Street



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