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There will never be an A14 solution for all

Posted: 05/11/2014

I write on behalf of Fenstanton Parish Council which has noted the letters to the Editor of the Hunts Post voicing concerns about the proposed upgrade of the A14. As residents and councillors of Fenstanton we are very aware of the issues since we have had to live with the impact of the road when it became a dual carriageway and split the village in 1980. The village suffers from continuous noise and monitoring by HDC confirms pollution exceeds safe levels.

The road's inadequacy is obvious to anyone who travels along it during the rush hour or when yet another accident occurs. The plight of the village is made worse both by rat running by those travelling to and from St Ives and the A14 but also drivers diverting from the A14 when it is blocked (or even slow moving).

Details of the preferred route are not due to be published until later in the year but we have made clear in our response to the latest consultation that we unanimously support what was the orange route and wish to see the work undertaken as soon as possible. We acknowledge that this route will have a detrimental effect on some communities, including those Fenstanton residents who live south of the current road and who will find themselves living between the old and new A14. Is there now a need to recognise that there will never be a solution that satisfies everyone completely and accept that the A14 needs to be upgraded urgently? To that end all councils will need to act together to apply the maximum pressure on the Highways Agency if they are to minimise the environmental impact of the rerouted road.

Cllr Bob Henderson
Chairman Fenstanton Parish Council


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