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Horrible Airborne Smells in Fenstanton

Posted: 12/02/2013

Residents of Fenstanton and the surrounding area are being exposed to a hideously unpleasant and lingering odour emanating from the nearby Galley Hill intensive poultry farm.

This level of appalling olfactory assault has not been experienced for well over twenty years when the considerably smaller chicken farm at the opposite end of the village was finally shut down - what is now the Pitfield Close residential estate.

Recent discoveries have revealed that Boparan/2 Sisters Food Group contravened their 2009 planning consent when building the extensive Galley Hill factory and this is currently under investigation by HDC. It would appear that the whole application needs to be re-submitted, including the associated wind turbine.

In the interim, the Environment Agency are building a profile of objectionable smells and need to know where people are affected by them.

For any chicken smells, contact the Environment Agency on their free 24 hour hot line - call 0800 807060. The postcode for Galley Hill Poultry Farm is PE28 9HL

It is important that you contact the EA as many times as you smell the chicken odour and from any location - you don't just have to smell it from home. Based on the calls, the EA will build a profile of where people are most affected and the farm operator Boparan/2 Sisters Food Group will be told to do something about it.

This profile could prove to be particularly useful for Fenstanton and The Hemingfords' residents wishing to object to the new forthcoming planning application.


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