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Swavesey Festival Local History Project

Posted: 14/04/2010

Press release - Swavesey Festival Local History Project

Pupils from Swavesey Village College History Club have learnt that their interest in Swavesey’s history has been rewarded and their efforts will be recorded with permanent information boards. Their work, as part of Swavesey Festival 2010, with Swavesey and District History Society and Oxford Archaeology East on mediaeval Swavesey has secured grant funding of £4600 from Heritage Lottery Fund and Cambridge Antiquarian Society. Swavesey Parish Council is also supporting this programme of work which includes lectures, visits and examining accounts of Swavesey’s past. This funding will be used to install three permanent information boards about Swavesey’s castle, docks and priory. It will also allow the young people to produce portable information boards for use by Swavesey Village College and Swavesey and District History Society, and to post material on the village website.

Swavesey Festival enables local groups to stage a range of recreational, cultural and sporting activities encouraging people to participate, and shows the range of recreation opportunities available to people locally.

Swavesey Festival takes place from June 19th to June 26th..

For more information see our website
swaveseyfestival.org.uk or call 01954 201840.



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